Can we solve our addiction to stuff? Yerdle says yes!

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You worry that maybe, this season’s must-have gifts won’t keep their luster six months from now
  • You realize with some anguish that you’ve got a closet full of things you haven’t used in the last two years. And it boggles your mind to think about all the other closets in your neighborhood, your town, your state.
  • You might’ve read about how happiness doesn’t actually seem related to how much stuff we own.

This is a condition sometimes called affluenza — we’ve got the blues, even though we’ve got lots of good stuff.

Three marketing and tech bigshots have a new possible answer. It’s called yerdle. And they need you to dig into that closet, and give away your unneeded stuff.

Oh, and you’ll get free stuff from other people’s closets, on loan or for keeps.

It’s all possible thanks to a slick facebook-integrated website, a smartphone app, and an early-adopter community in San Francisco.

Easy to use! Will anyone use it?

I love the vision: an America where we produce less meaningless stuff, reconnect with our neighbors, and perhaps figure out what a more sustainable future looks like. But, honestly, I’m a little skeptical that yerdle is the ticket. Can sharing be taken beyond the hippy-dippy cooperative living crowd, above the craiglist free section, and into the mainstream?

I signed up for an account (quick and easy to do), but there doesn’t seem to be much happening in New England yet, so a full review isn’t really possible. But I’m hopeful that the marketing experts behind yerdle may find a way to make it cool and — this is even more important — normal to share.

Especially if you’re in the Bay Area in California, sign up and give it a try. And let us know what you think!

Photo credit: Toban Black, and Thomas Hawk, via flickr.

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