Wash With Cold Water to Save Big

photo by Henning

Your washing machine is the second largest energy consumer in your home, and mostly because of the energy it takes to run your water heater. Almost 90% of the energy when you run the washing machine goes to heating the water, if you wash on “hot.”

If you’re looking for a quick way to save on energy costs, and cut down on your energy use and carbon footprint, try washing your clothes with cold water instead! And even if you don’t feel like using cold water to wash your clothes, remember that just changing from hot to warm water for your laundry will cut your energy use by 50 percent per load, and save you up to $63 a year, according to the Alliance to Save Energy.

Hey, that was easy! Want to make a bigger difference? Look at more energy-efficient models, which use half the water and energy (costing you much, much less.) Or, especially as summer approaches, line-dry your clothes, instead of using the dryer.

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