Walmart continues its greenwashing ways

Statement by The Green Life and Environmental Action on Walmart’s “Sustainable Product Expo.”
Walmart continues to exaggerate its environmental credentials

Drew Hudson, acting Director of The Green Life Online issued the following statement: “Today’s announcement is another example of Walmart claiming to be green, when the truth is really dirty. Big companies like Walmart spend millions on PR to tout small achievements like selling CFL light bulbs, while ignoring the big impact their day-to-day business operations have on the planet. Every year we ferret out the worst examples of this practice, known colloquially as “greenwashing,” and compile them in our report, Don’t be Fooled. This year we were displeased to name Walmart the worst greenwasher of the year on Earth Day. It seems like they haven’t learned their lesson yet.”

Jesse Bacon, Field Organizer of Environmental Action, which endorsed the report and gathered over 45,000 signatures to support Don’t be Fooled which named Walmart Greenwasher of the Year, issued the following statement:

“Walmart is getting an early start on their campaign to be Greenwasher of the Year 2015. The global giant, which won The Green Life Online’s Greenwasher of the Year 2014 is still up to its same old tricks.

By attempting to blind us with some fancy new light bulbs, Walmart hopes no one will notice that it is failing in its goal to move to 100% clean energy and it is polluting more than ever.

Walmart is talking about “an enormous opportunity” to save a “chunk of the planet” while its international shipping operations that have enormous impacts on an even bigger chunk of that planet, while Walmart has enormously negative effects on its own workers and communities.

By inviting Monsanto to share the stage with them, Walmart has made it clear that it is not on the side of the planet. Walmart also doesn’t have any companies onstage that would make it look bad–companies like Kohl’s or Staples who are showing leadership by sourcing 100% of their energy from renewable sources.

Until Walmart meets its original goal of 100% clean energy and going carbon neutral, it is failing the on the most important goal. We will keep holding them accountable for the planet.


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