“The Best Car,” according to Consumer Reports is ELECTRIC?

“Let me repeat that,” says Jake Fisher, Director of Auto Testing. The Tesla Model S is “not just the best electric car, but the best car.”

Let Me Repeat That

Car guru Jake Fisher is wowed

It’s a pretty astounding. But it’s for real. According to Consumer Reports, the trusted consumer analysis magazine, the Tesla Model S is the top-scoring car, ever.

No, it’s not the people’s electric car, starting at $62,400 and going up and up from there. But, it’s important: electric cars are finally getting a lot of respect. And they have the potential to green our transportation system.

Electric cars could be the key to sustainable transportation. If we can produce electricity without massive pollution — so, using wind and solar would be a great start — we can get around with much, much smaller environmental impacts. Production still takes a toll — mining heavy metals, using energy to manufacture and ship the vehicle — but it’s a big step in the right direction.

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What do you think? Do you know anyone who might be in the market for a Model S?

Image: screencapture from Consumer Reports video

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