Take Action to Stop Junk Mail

Junk mail is so frustrating. You probably know the feeling: you toss a stack of unwanted catalogs and credit card offers into the recycle bin, mostly unread. We’re all doing our best to live green, but sometimes it feels like we have no control over junk mail.

The average home receives more than 700 pieces of advertising mail every year. That takes a lot of paper, and requires cutting millions of trees.

It’s time to let junk mailers know: we’re fed up with all this waste. We’ll do our part to cut waste – recycling – but most of the responsibility lies with the mailers.

Join the 800+ who’ve signed a message to the junk mail industry. Pledge to recycle your junk mail and ask the Direct Marketing Association, which sets industry standards, to help reduce waste. Click to add your name.

This is a huge industry, sending billions of pieces of mail every week. Our recycling matters, but so do their efforts to reduce and reuse paper. It’s time for the Direct Marketing Association to take the lead on reducing and reusing paper.

That’s why we’re asking you to join this pledge. If 1,000 of us sign, we’ll recycle 700,000 pieces of junk mail. And more importantly, we’ll get the Direct Marketing Association to take note. Because with their help, we can cut paper waste, by reducing, reusing AND recycling.

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