Starting Seedlings from Scratch

SeedlingLooking for an easy way to add flavor to your food? Even the most laid-back gardeners can grow an herb garden. All you need is soil, sunshine, and water, and you can grow your very own herb garden! You can buy transplants from your local nursery to get you started, or you can start from your very own seeds.


And it’s also a great chance to reuse some household supplies in the process. Try saving up toilet paper rolls to use as seed starters – they are free, and they’re biodegradable so you can plant the whole thing. When your seeds are strong enough to be transplanted, use an old milk carton as a larger container for your herbs.

We’ve found mint and basil to be the easiest and most rewarding to grow… What do you think?

Photos from Flickr, by Tico Bassie and Rebecca F

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