Can’t remember your reusable bags?

We’ve probably all had that feeling: you get to the checkout at the grocery store, only to realize, “oh no, my reusable bags are in the trunk!” 

Well, for folks with an iPhone, here’s the 21st-century version of tying a string around your finger. You can get your phone to automatically remind you, whenever you go to the grocery store. (Hat tip to Gordon Meyer for this idea.)

Here’s how it works:

  • Next time you’re at the grocery store, open up the “Reminders” app
  • Click the + (plus sign) in the upper right to add a reminder
  • Name it – something like “Please, please don’t forget the bags!”

  • Tap the reminder to edit its settings
  • Tap “Remind Me”
  • Select “At a Location”

  • Choose “Current Location,” and “When I Arrive”

  • Easy!

Any other ideas for how to remember those bags?

One thought on “Can’t remember your reusable bags?

  1. jenbrehob

    You’re going to take your plastic bags back to the grocery store to recycle, right? Just put them in your car or put a few in your bag if you’re on foot/bike and you’ll have them in case you forget your other bags. Do this until you are trained. New habits take at least a month.

    Put your reusable bag(s) with your bag/pack you’re taking out with you.

    Use a bigger messenger/backpack/duffel so you have room for some groceries when you forget. Just do a smaller grocery run that time. You will remember the next time and reward yourself by doing something healthy for you when you get it right!

    Have a trug in your car for things that are moving around (it’s all about distribution, isn’t it? -wealth, natural resources, weight, care, you name it, the game of life can be viewed as a distribution game). When you get to the store, dump your stuff from your regular bag into the trug and go shopping. Or take the trug for your carryall. Bring it back in and redistribute it after your shopping trip. That will keep your carryall cleaned out and organized, too!

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