Recycling the Holidays

Maybe you’re the type to keep a Christmas tree up until mid-February. But for many of us, the end of the holiday season – whether it’s Hanukkah, Christmas, or anything else – means that there’s a good amount of stuff around the house, and you probably don’t want to throw it all in the trash.

Recycling makes us all smile?

Recycling makes us all smile!

The good news: most of it can be recycled or reused next year. Here’s our quick guide.

  • Trees and wreaths: Nationally, millions upon millions of trees are bought, displayed for a few weeks, and thrown out. The best solution might be to rethink this — finding a way to reuse trees without killing them, perhaps — but once you’ve got a tree, there are some ways to get rid of it that are much more eco-friendly. The best option is usually a curbside pickup or retail dropoff program. It’s certainly better than the landfill! Search here to find one near you.
  • Christmas/Holiday Lights If you’ve got a string that no longer works, or that you’re simply trying to get rid of, there are much better options than the trash! For working lights, try a local Goodwill or other donation center. And if you’re in the market for more efficient bulbs, take a look at Holiday LED’s mail-in recycling program — you’ll get a coupon for 25% next year’s more efficient, more durable lights, too!
  • Wrapping Paper Most municipalities will recycle wrapping paper. Don’t worry if there’s a little tape on it, either. But keep bows and glittery paper out, since they won’t recycle — and see if you can reuse them next year!
  • Electronics Someone in your house got a new phone? Don’t let the old one end up polluting a landfill. Find a local dropoff place for recycling, and you might even get some store credit back.

Photo credit: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

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