Pour One Out for Your Watershed

With drought widespread here in the United States – last week, three quarters of our country was considered “abnormally dry” or worse – I woke up to rain this morning, and thought about where all that rainfall was going. The answer? Into my local watershed.

What is a watershed? Well, wherever you are, if you go outside and pour a cup of water on the ground, that water would eventually make its way to a creek, a stream, and eventually a river and the sea. (There are a few very interesting exceptions, like the Colorado River.)

So your watershed is essentially your water community. If it’s full of polluters, who can get away with being bad neighbors, everyone in that community suffers together. And if big polluters are well-regulated, everyone in that community benefits. Or, if climate change means less rain or more extreme flooding for the whole community, everyone in your watershed had better learn to get along!

Going green starts with learning about your watershed. Click here to head to the EPA’s “Surf Your Watershed” Tool, where you can learn about your local watershed, check on pollution and flow, and connect with local water protection groups.

Photo: Cleanup on the Los Angeles River, by USACE LA District. Illustration: USGS

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