Your own personal windmill? The Trinity Wind Turbine

As climatic changes intensify and resources dwindle, alternative energy technology is critically important for both power generation and storage. While incredible breakthroughs have been made to transform wind, water, light, biomass, and heat into usable electricity, the United States is decades away from a widespread and necessary energy transition from fossil fuels to sustainable fuels. However many wind farms, geothermal stations, solar panels and hydropower dams are installed, fossil fuels will still dominate the energy market for the foreseeable future unless consumers exercise the power of their checkbooks and take action to fund electricity from renewable sources.

Wind power is often heralded as the future of green energy because of its 100% sustainable source, low kilowatt-per-hour cost, and lack of emissions. However, when Congress failed to renew the Wind Production Tax Credit for 2014, wind power’s profitability was drastically diminished for new projects and for existing plants after their 10-year credit period ends, seriously impeding the recent expansion of wind infrastructure in this country. Individuals committed to living the green life can feel helpless with regards to their energy use – without the installation of extremely expensive solar panels or other large infrastructure, it was impossible to charge electronics in an ecologically accountable way until now. One promising alternative is the Trinity wind turbine, a new, affordable technology that allows individuals to generate their own electricity in an efficient, sustainable, expedient way.

Trinity Wind TurbineThe new Trinity wind turbine is conveniently portable – it weighs just four pounds, collapses to just 12 inches high for transport and storage, and its three legs and three wind blades all fold against the body. When wind is blowing the blades turn a generator that charges a 15,000 milliamperes per hour battery. The Trinity also has a USB port for charging gadgets and has stakes that can anchor the turbine in strong wind. The Trinity turbine even overcomes the consequences of larger scale wind operations, which can have a large ecological cost. Deforestation is often required for large wind farms, and offshore construction can destroy marine habitats on the ocean floor and in the water column. Noise from the blades can cause wind turbine syndrome and necessitate relocation of afflicted residents surrounding the farms. Wind farms are also responsible for a small percentage of the annual anthropogenic (human-caused) bird fatalities.

This new turbine is truly an unprecedented way to take control of your personal power usage and make a substantial dent in our carbon footprint. Invest in groundbreaking innovation that could effect tangible environmental benefits – for a donation of just $249 to the Kickstarter campaign you can reserve your own Trinity come January and facilitate a unique, fiscally viable, environmentally conscious start-up.

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