Pepsi – the taste of rain forests burning.

From our friends at RAN:

Last night we saw something that is, honestly, pretty infuriating. The marketing team at PepsiCo, a major user of Conflict Palm Oil, is using Earth Day to try to greenwash its brands with a campaign on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #EarthDayResolution.

…[If] you do nothing else today, take 30 seconds right now to call out PepsiCo on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t let one of the worst offenders in the Conflict Palm Oil world get away with greenwashing its deforestation, human rights abuses, and species extinction on Earth Day.

Brad and the Rainforest Action team are right. As we’ve written about before, palm oil is a seriously dirty ingredient in almost all our food. Lots of other companies, like Kellog’s, are doing a great job eliminating the worst palm-abuses from their supply chain.

But Pepsi is being slow to act – and then making a serious mistake by assuming they can greenwash this issue by setting up a hashtag.

Don’t let them get away with it – call out Pepsi for greenwashing their pal oil policy here:

Click here to shame them on Facebook

Click here to tweet @pepsico

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