Green in the Kitchen: On Preheating

Did you know that it costs you about $120 per year to run your oven? Your oven is a big energy user, consuming the equivalent of 67 gallons of gasoline per year. A simple solution to save you some money on your electric bill, and cut down on your energy usage? Unless it’s essential, don’t preheat your oven.

Pumpkin bread – delicious!

Some delicate foods, like soufflés for example, depend on a preheated and hot oven in order to bake properly. But many folks recommend NOT preheating. This certainly is a good way to save money and energy in the kitchen.

But some cooks beg to differ. According to Chef David Robinson, preheating is “the difference between a great cook and a lousy cook.”

What do you think? Is it worth the energy?

Photo from flickr user Allie Osmar Siarto.

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