Don’t Throw Those Out! Make Running Shoes Last

Serious runners know how important good running shoes are. Proper cushion is key to reducing muscle damage, shin splints, and other joint pain. So doctors recommend that you replace your shoes once they hit 350-500 miles.

Now, I know from first-hand experience that when you’re training for a race, you can go through several pairs of shoes a year. [Full disclosure: I’m no marathoner. But I have first-hand experience living with them. Maybe I’ll write a separate post on dealing with roommates’ running-related pain… ]

What’s a green-minded athlete to do? Well, once your shoes are truly dead, you should recycle, reuse, or repurpose them. (Read “How to Recycle Old Running Shoes” to learn more!) But what about making them last? Here are some tips for making your running shoes last longer:

  1. Wear your running sneakers only while exercising.
  2. Take your shoes off and put your shoes on carefully.
  3. Only air-dry your shoes, rather than exposing them to direct heat.
  4. Store your shoes in a cool, dry place.
  5. Don’t put your shoes in a washing machine.

Got any other ideas? Let us know below.

Photos CC-BY Don Hankins and D.H. Parks on flickr

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