Pick a Sunscreen That’s Healthy and Green

A guide from the Environmental Working Group notes “the best sunscreen is a hat and a shirt” – but that’s not very helpful if I’m trying to get a safe tan! Here’s what they recommend for sunscreen:

To dig in and find out which brands are healthiest for you and for the planet, read the EWG guide today and look up your favorite brand. Or check out their iOS app!

Photo from Flickr, by-nc-sa from Hacklock

One thought on “Pick a Sunscreen That’s Healthy and Green

  1. dianeconndarling

    I’m a redhead with LOTS of lifetime sun exposure. Now I use oral PABA (400-500 mg/d) to vastly increase my resistance to the sun. During high sun hours, I cover up, wear a hat, and put SPF lip balm on my lips and nose. Works great!

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