Grilling Green: It’s what you cook that matters

We recently posted about the environmental advantages of grilling using propane instead of charcoal. But one thing we forgot to mention is that you should consider more than just your method of grilling when planning your cookout. Because the food makes a difference too!

One easy tip: when in doubt, pick veggies over meat. Meat production is energy, land, water, and carbon-intensive. Strong words from the New York Times called beef “an environmental disaster, no matter how you cook it.” So what are the alternatives?

  • Try going meatless at your next cook out event. My personal favorite: grilled mushrooms and zucchini!
  • After you’re done cooking the main dish, use that leftover heat energy from your grill to cook fresh fruits for dessert.  I recommend bananas and peaches, and they go so well with vanilla ice cream.
  • Don’t forget the beans! Baked beans can be cooked on the grill in a foil tin.

Photo from flickr by Mike McCune

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