Green in the Kitchen: Start Composting

The average American throws away about 4 pounds of garbage a day, up to 2 pounds of which are compostable!

Composting will reduce your waste, and will even help to reduce global warming, since it reduces the CO2 and methane released when organic waste sits in a landfill. With all of the new indoor composting systems, you can even compost inside if you don’t have a good spot outdoors.  So if you want to improve your garden, or even if you want to give your potted plants some TLC, try composting!

There’s more to explain about composting than can be said in a simple tip, so check out the EPA’s page, or share your tips with new composters by commenting below! We’ll also dig deeper into this one in a later post — so stay tuned.

Photo from flickr – Annie and John

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2 thoughts on “Green in the Kitchen: Start Composting

  1. CelloMom

    I love my worms! I don’t know if my worms love me, but they do love the veg&fruit peels I feed them (and the odd egg shell). Nothing is faster: they turn greens waste to dark compost in a week. And my plants love their castings. Beats letting your veg waste mummify in a landfill. (Hi from Small Footprints’ Meet&Greet).

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