Green in the Kitchen: Buy for the Long Run

Sturdy Spoons! — photo from Flickr / Roger Smith

Kitchen utensils, like many other things produced these days, are no longer built to last. Unless you know where to look for sturdy kitchen utensils, it can be hard to find something that’s not low-quality, plastic, or paper.  Instead of buying what is cheapest, try investing in a better quality, metal knife, that can be resharpened and used many times before it is rendered unusuable.  Or try a wooden spatula, as the plastic ones can melt when next to the heat of the hot stove. Finally, make sure you’re using cloth towels, rather than paper towels, in the kitchen. Although kitchen towels require extra water and energy to wash, you’ll cut down on your waste, and you will be able to use your towels again and again, instead of just once. Also, see our post on cast iron pans for more ways to keep your utensils long-lasting and reusable.

Do you have a good, green kitchen utensil to recommend to our readers? Where do you get them? Comment below! 

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