Green in the Kitchen: Be Green While You Clean

We prepare our food on multiple surfaces, appliances, countertops and cutting boards. It’s important to clean these cooking surfaces in a way that’s safe for you, and the environment! Here’s a quick, easy, and safe way to clean your kitchen countertops:

Use undiluted white distilled vinegar to wipe your countertops clean once a day. Vinegar is cheap, safe to ingest, and it will keep your countertops clean, and your kitchen smelling great!

If you’re interested in how to greenly clean your drain, oven or stovetop, check out TLC Home’s “14 Green Kitchen Cleaning Tips.”  Feel free to share your favorite green cleaning solutions by commenting below!

Photo from Flickr by Elycefeliz

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One thought on “Green in the Kitchen: Be Green While You Clean

  1. Steven Martin

    Great tip. Most high priced cleaning products just contain small amounts of simple ingredients. Ex. Vinegar, ammonia, bleach, peroxide, baking soda. Keep the good ideas coming!

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