Go Nuts for Vegan Cheese

Inspired by the holiday season, we’re striving to give and get less stuff and have more fun. One great gift idea: healthy, planet-friendly food that sparks a conversation about the planet.

Looks tasty!

Neither goat nor cheese – it’s cashew!

For the right person in your life – vegan, vegan-curious, or just a cheese lover looking to broaden her palate, these make a great holiday or birthday gift. It’s something that anyone would appreciate – a delicious, unique gift – but it also helps spread the word that planet-friendly, healthy alternatives can taste good too.

Take a look at our favorite options:

1. Minneapolis-based Punk Rawk Labs makes an array of nut cheeses. They describe the process as “a little big vegan and a little bit rock-and-roll.” They offer several varieties – from macadamia and cashews, with and without herbs. Depending where you are, the cheese may be available near you, or you can order online! Learn more at their website.

2. If you’ve been to Williamsburg, in Brooklyn NY, you know that there’s a big vegan culture there. And the wizards at Dr-cow are culturing their unique vegan cheeses. Similar to Punk Rawk cheese, they’re mostly cashew-based, but Dr-cow also offers a range of other mixes. Unless you’re local, you may also need to order a package of these cheeses. Read up on their offerings.

3. And if these boutiquey cheeses are a little out of your price range — or you’re just looking for a more standard cheese — Daiya is all the rage. Their cheddar-style, mozzarella-style, and pepperjack-style cheese are great for a vegan who may be longing for a more standard cheese. Daiya is pretty widely available at Whole Foods and other stores.

Do you have any thoughts? Favorites? (Or is giving vegan cheese just a horrible idea for your friends and family?) Let us know!

Photo credit: Ina Todoran and  Todd Mecklem, both via Flickr.

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