Is This the Secret Ingredient to Stopping Food Waste?

Meals in the freezerWe waste a lot of food in this country. Between spoiled milk, moldy bread, unfinished plates of veggies, and more, Americans throw out 33 million tons of food annually. It’s a waste of money, it’s a shame, and it is a big part of our landfills. Some have called this a symptom of “affluenza” – we’re so affluent that we can totally take abundance for granted, and end up wasting perfectly good food.

To solve this, we’ll need better compost systems in our cities, we need more reasonable portion sizes, and more. But you can also start taking action in your own home. Today’s tip: get to love your freezer!

You can safely freeze milk, or sliced bread. Some cheeses freeze nicely, as do most meats. For fruits and veggies, you may need to do a little prep, but you can definitely preserve leftovers well.

Still Tasty app on iOSAnd any time you’ve got a question about this, we recommend turning to StillTasty, a website and smartphone app that is just so dang useful. Punch in any food or drink, and it replies with how long it’s safe to keep. You can even set up alerts for when your food is close to expiring.

Like your fridge, a freezer is actually more efficient when it’s full. If it’s already running to keep a couple of pints of ice cream cold, you might as well fill it.

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Source: US EPA. Photo credit: Kathleen Franklin, via Flickr;

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