ExxonMobil gas is bad for your car, worse for planet

If you own a car, and many of us still do,  you probably worry about what that fuel is doing to the planet.  But you probably assume that the stuff at least will effectively power your car. You would be frustrated if your car was no longer working, and you had to pull over after fueling up, right?

Photo from NOLA.com/ Times Picayune

Photo from NOLA.com/ Times Picayune

Well,  many drivers faced with this reality in Louisiana, and filed a class action suit against ExxonMobil for knowingly distributing bad gas. The  oil giant apologized to the consumers, but has yet to say what was wrong with the gas and who received it.

Exxon is so large that this mistake could potentially impact 250,000 vehicles for the  region around Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In fact, half of the gasoline sold in this region comes  from Exxon! It still shocks me how little oversight there is. Although this issue will most likely not physically harm any people, what if it did? What if the gas was found to be even dirtier for the planet than regular fuel? What would be done against the ExxonMobil giant?

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