Don’t Drink from the Garden Hose


Hopefully, this pooch is just cooling off!  — photo from flickr / Sighthound

After a hot day outside, drinking from the hose can feel great, right? I sure remember doing it as a kid.

But a New York Times article points out a hard truth: the garden hose is unhealthy for drinking, for a whole host of reasons. Mainly, it’s because water can sit for a LONG time in a hose, accumulating plastic and metal chemicals, heating up, and even growing bacteria.

Many hoses are made with PVC plastic, which can be harmful, and can leach BPA, which you may have noticed is being taken out of water bottles. Hose fittings aren’t regulated the same way as your faucet, so lead and other metals can be present.

Your best bet: fill a cup indoors, where the tap water should be fine!

Read more at The New York Times.

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