Don’t Be Fooled 2012: Companies to Avoid

In honor of April Fool’s Day, The Green Life is proud to announce the 2012 edition of our report on greenwashing, “Don’t Be Fooled.” [SCROLL DOWN FOR SLIDESHOW]

Since the early days of greenwashing, companies have gotten a lot sneakier. They’re working hard to make themselves LOOK eco-friendly, when in truth they may be bad for the planet. Luckily, the truth is on our side. And we hope, with your help, that this report can help bring the truth out, hold the greenwashers accountable, and lead the way to a more sustainable economy in our future.

Download “Don’t Be Fooled” report (pdf)

Below, see the top greenwashers, ranked by more than 1000 votes online. Click on an image to learn about the top 10 picks:

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