Ditch the Treadmill

You don’t need us to tell you that it’s good to exercise. But here’s an interesting green tip: take your workout outside to save energy and boost your well-being!

Running or walking outside sure beats a treadmill, if the weather allows it. (We recommend going early in the morning if it’s going to be a hot day!)

But even better, research has found that even five minutes of exercise in a natural space boosts your attitude and mental health. So when in doubt, take a walk outside!

And you’ll be burning calories instead of carbon. Your average treadmill uses 1500 watts of power. (That’s 15 100-watt light bulbs!) In just 30 minutes on that treadmill, you use enough energy to light your Christmas tree for 6 hours, and the producing that energy releases about 2 pounds of carbon dioxide. (See more numbers here.)

What are your tricks for saving energy and re-energizing yourself?

Photo from Thomas Hawk / flickr / licensed CC by-nc 2.0

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