Choose a Shampoo That’s Good for You (and the Planet!)

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From gels, mousses and sprays to dyes, oils and conditioners, we put more stuff in our hair than we do in our morning coffee.  But all these products aside, even the most banal of hair products, shampoo, contains a surprisingly long list of harmful chemicals.

With ingredients that are described as “skin irritants”and “carcinogens”, and with some even being called “harmful to ingest or inhale”, some shampoos are far from safe for everyday use. In addition, many environmental groups warn against excessive use of shampoos and other hair care products because the chemical contents are harming the natural environment and clogging drains.  Even popular brands like Garnier Fructis sell shampoos in which six ingredients are labeled “health concerns” and three are labeled “violations, restrictions, and warnings.”

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So what are the alternatives? Plant oil-based and petroleum-free organic shampoos with no synthetic fragrances are a good alternative.They are almost chemical-free, produce minimal lather and cause no harm to the environment. Using these non-toxic shampoo options could mean less skin irritation for people who are particularly sensitive to the harsh chemicals, and they also prevent you from harming the environment every time you wash your hair. So for a quick and easy way to ease your negative impact on the environment, and on yourself, try switching to a plant based shampoo!

UPDATE 4/26: To learn what to avoid, and whether a product is OK, read more here.

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