An Eco-Friendly, Toxic-Free Valentine’s Day

Treehuggers in love?

This Valentine’s Day, take a second to show your love — for the earth! Or, for that special person in your life, but that’s no reason to disrespect the planet, either. (And, for the single crowd, this might be just the right opportunity to treat yourself!)

Looking for a Valentine’s day present? Here’s how we think about it: look for a gift that can replace something less eco-friendly, something that’ll last, and something that softly nudges the receiver toward being a better eco-citizen. (Or at least hits a couple of those criteria.)

Plants. What’s better than pesticide-laden flowers grown thousands of miles away and shipped, wilted, to your doorstep? How about a beautiful potted plant that’ll be green and healthy for years to come? (I’ll let you come up with a metaphor for your love…) Head to your local florist for a good fit. Or, since we’re slinging metaphors, why not give that special person seeds and a sprouting kit? Check out these lovely Seed Bombs from Branch.

Chocolate. This one’s a no-brainer: Look for organic and fair-trade chocolate. And while you’re at it, consider getting involved with Global Exchange’s campaign to change the chocolate industry for the better.

Other Gifts. Try a beautiful reusable coffee or tea mug, some planet-friendly soap, or up-cycled jewelry made from e-waste or bike parts. They all replace something less eco-friendly, add beauty to your life, and green your footprint too.

Stuck? Remember, sometimes the best things in life aren’t things — so consider “gifting” an experience, like a trip, a special dinner, or a massage.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t also take this opportunity to discuss some of our allies’ Valentine’s Day Campaigns. The Center for Health, Environment & Justice is asking Disney to “Have a Heart” and get toxic chemicals like phthalates out of their lunchboxes and other children’s school supplies. Learn more and take action here.

Photo credit: Brandon Warren and Flickr Commons

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