An Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day

ducks with mamaMother’s Day is a good occasion to show Mom that you really care for her, and also for the planet! A clever eco-friendly gift can save you a buck or two.

As we’ve talked about before, there are a couple key rules for giving eco-friendly gifts:

  • Experiences > Stuff. (Gift certificates, a nice dinner, a fun planned outing)
  • Reusable and sturdy > one-time and flimsy
  • Food and drink bring people together!
Instead of …. An Eco-Friendly Idea:
Jewelry Upcycled or recycled jewelry. Made from old silverware?
Another kitchen appliance A gift certificate for a CSA or local produce. A tour of a local farm.
Cut Flowers Flowering plants, or a pot and seeds. Make your own plastic flowers?
Expensive Wine A nice reusable mug or a fancy water bottle.
A fancy dinner
at a nice restaurant
A home mushroom-growing kit, and a certificate for a home-cooked dinner (that you’ll make!)
A leather or plastic handbag A hip upcycled bag

Got any great ideas? Let us know below.

Photo credit: Alasam, via Flickr.

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