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Major Companies Move Away from S.F.I.-Labeled Products: The Green Life Applauds the Progress

Boston, MA—It’s usually easy to go green. But some eco-labels are misleading. This week, thanks to companies taking the lead, green consumers’ job got a little easier.

On Tuesday, in a major announcement, many major US companies joined the growing corporate movement against greenwashing. Increasingly, brands are distancing themselves from paper and wood products with the controversial “Sustainable Forestry Initiative” label.

According to a statement from the advocacy group Forest Ethics,

Phillips Van Heusen, Shutterfly, Pitney Bowes, Allied Electronics, Energizer and US Airways are among the latest major brands to take action or make commitments to avoid the use of the SFI label.  Some of these companies also further boosted their environmental performance by making stronger commitments to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) program.

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative label won the dubious “honor” of being named to The Green Life’s 2012 report on the worst greenwashers, “Don’t Be Fooled.” According to Jeff Gang, Coordinator of The Green Life, “the SFI program misleads consumers — it’s classic greenwashing.”

Many consumers are understandably confused by the abundance of eco-labels, some trustworthy and some not. That’s why it’s so important when major brands agree to avoid SFI-labeled products. These companies can help consumers get more information, but they also send a clear market signal. When going green, American consumers won’t tolerate greenwashing.

Here’s more from “Don’t Be Fooled”:

SFI is funded and directed in large part by big players in the American logging industry, and it mostly serves their interests. Worse still, SFI funds lobbying and advocacy that undermine other, truly sustainable, labeling standards, like LEED certification for buildings, and FSC, the Forest Stewardship Council, which is a trustworthy label for paper and wood products.


Founded in 1990, The Green Life Online is a non-profit organization that helps environmentally-aware and health-conscious citizens make effective decisions about the way they consume and the companies they support. Read the “Don’t Be Fooled” report here:

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