News Release: The Green Life Highlights Bike Month in May


For Immediate Release | May 8, 2012
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It’s Bike Month, and The Green Life Can Help

Boston, MA—During the month of May, The Green Life Online is helping everyone go green by highlighting bikes. “Whether you’re an avid road cyclist, a recreational trail-biker, or you haven’t touched a bike in years, using a bike for transportation is a great way to opt out of the fossil-fuel-dependent, car lifestyle,” said Jeff Gang, coordinator of The Green Life.

The Green Life is focused on helping people make simple, healthy, and sustainable decisions in everyday life. That means a greener planet for us all. Getting around by bike instead of car fits right in: cyclists can save money, use less gasoline, cause less pollution, and stay in better shape.

As part of National Bike Month (and Bike-to-Work Week), The Green Life will be helping tell stories of people who’ve kicked the driving addiction, sharing tips about starting a new habit, and building a community of taking action.

“Almost half of all trips in the U.S. are two miles or less,” said Jeff Gang. “And even if it’s just a trip to the corner store, we almost always use our cars. It’s time to break that habit.”

The website, social media networks, and email outreach will highlight some of the following:

  • What kind of bike to get
  • How to work this new habit into your life
  • Biking smart and safe

“It doesn’t require a spandex body suit or an expensive, new bike,” said Gang. “Getting on a bike is easy, and it’s a big step towards reducing your carbon footprint.”

Personal lifestyle changes are a great place to start, and together many people can reduce gasoline use and pollution. But The Green Life will also focus on bigger, more systemic issues of transportation, including why we’re stuck with bicycle-unfriendly infrastructure and how to change it.


Founded in 1990, The Green Life Online is a non-profit organization that helps environmentally-aware and health-conscious citizens make effective decisions about the way they consume and the companies they support.

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