News Release: May 15, 2012

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For Immediate Release | May 15, 2012
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Going Green? Start in Your Own Kitchen

Boston, MA—During the month of May, The Green Life Online is helping Americans go green in their kitchens, from boiling water to disposing of food waste. This is part of The Green Life’s focus: to help people make simple, healthy, and sustainable decisions in everyday life, and that result in a greener planet for us all.

Going green isn’t just for people with extra time or money to burn. As more and more families are realizing, being environmentally friendly is often just common sense, and in fact it usually saves money.

“When people want to be eco-friendly, it’s often about saving money as much as anything,” said Jeff Gang, coordinator of The Green Life. “So it’s not just about reducing your use of electricity. We’re helping people save money!”

A few of the tips on the website:

  • Keep your fridge full: it’ll use less energy and save you cash!
  • Which appliance – the stove, oven, or microwave – uses the least energy?
  • Reducing chemical exposure, by using safe cookware

What does “going green” actually mean? The Green Life is helping people understand and reduce energy use and the pollution it causes, keep unhealthy chemicals out of our homes and communities, reduce waste by buying things that last, and save money in the process.

“Carbon pollution, toxic chemicals, and shoddy products that end up in the landfill – these aren’t small problems,” said Jeff Gang, coordinator of The Green Life. “We want to help people connect the dots, from making an impact in your own life, to working together to change the world. Home is a great place to start!”


Founded in 1990, The Green Life Online is a non-profit organization that helps environmentally-aware and health-conscious citizens make effective decisions about the way they consume and the companies they support.

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