News Release: November 2011

For Immediate Release | November 22, 2011

Hundreds of Green-Minded Consumers Push to Make “Black Friday” Green

Boston — Black Friday is the biggest shopping extravaganza of the year. And usually, it isn’t very green. Americans easily use 300 million plastic bags on an average day, and Black Friday is far from average. The National Retail Foundation predicts 152 million Americans will go shopping on Friday.

The Green Life Online recently launched the Bag Brigade campaign to counter plastic bag waste. “We’re asking people to lead by example, pledging to use only reusable shopping bags, and then spread the word to family, friends, and Facebook followers,” said The Green Life Coordinator Jeff Gang.

More Americans today are taking up simple acts that make their lives greener, save money, and reduce waste. Bringing a reusable shopping bag is one of the easiest ways to be greener, since a single bag can replace thousands of plastic bags over time – plastic bags which require oil to produce, and which often end up as pollution in oceans or waterways.

A 2010 Gallup poll showed that 70 percent of Americans had used reusable shopping bags at the grocery store. “Though we’ve seen a huge increase in awareness, not everyone has gotten used to the routine of bringing your own bags,” said Gang. The average American uses at least 400 plastic bags annually, according to an Environment California report. “We’re hoping leaders of the Bag Brigade will change that,” he said.

As of Monday, hundreds of people had already joined the Bag Brigade. With only days left before Black Friday, they are spreading the message on Facebook, Twitter, and at kitchen tables nationwide.

“Each of us can make a difference,” Gang concluded. “But together, we’ll make a much bigger difference.”


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