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Parents: are you bringing your values home by incorporating green products, methods, and advice into your parenting? Raising children in an eco-friendly home keeps them toxic-free and helps raise an enviro-conscious generation. We’ve listed some Green Parenting Blogs below to help you on your quest to green your home and your parenting choices.

  • Jennifer Lance, a “green mom” and the founder of Eco Child’s Play, uses hydropower from her backyard creek to power her home. Her blog provides readers with information on green parenting and discusses living sustainably as a family.
  • Follow Tiffany at Nature Moms as she shares her experiences on trying to raise a green family since 2004. Her blog is full of useful posts on some uncommon, yet highly useful green parenting tips!
  • Kathy, a mother of two young children, worries about what sorts of unsafe products moms might bring into the home unintentionally. Her blog, Safe Mama, provides a resource for parents who want to protect their kids from the harmful products to which children are often exposed.
  • The co-editors of The Green Baby Guide share secrets on sustainability that they have picked up while raising their own children. This blog covers all topics related to green parenting, while keeping both the child’s safety and the safety of the environment in mind.
  • A home schooling mom blogs about her experiences raising a family the green way on her blog, Green Style Mom. She enjoys putting some fun style and fashion tips into most of her posts and provides information on how to green your home.
  • Sommer understands that being green can be easy and fun, especially if you can teach your children how to do it. She has created Green and Clean Mom to give other parents information about how to have fun with your kids while going green.
  • Micaela created Mindful Momma, and since 2006, she has been blogging about healthy living tips for parents. As her passion for eco-friendly decision-making grows, she continues to provide readers with information related to green parenting on a budget.
  • When her daughter was born in 2007, Beth set off on a mission to raise her children in an eco-friendly household. She soon realized that the amount of information about how to do this was overwhelming, and created Petite Planet, aiming to provide a clear and concise outlet for green parenting.
  • Inhabitots was created by Jill, an expectant mother, as she anxiously awaited the birth of her first child. Her writing is unique because it focuses on sustainable design for children, which includes anything from interior design and furniture, to clothes and toys.
  • Lisa, the founder of Retro Housewife Goes Green, is from a small town in Oklahoma, but that doesn’t stop her from blogging about some big issues related to the environment. She is particularly concerned with pollution, and her website highlights her findings on green news and conservation efforts worldwide.
  • Have you ever wondered if there are toxic chemicals in your baby’s crib? The bloggers at Healthy Child write about how to keep your home free of harmful toxins that may be unhealthy for your children.
  • Brenna, a self-proclaimed green girl from the Pacific Northwest, enjoys blogging about her experiences as a green mother of three. Her blog Almost All the Truth is dedicated to fun and sustainable activities that parents can do with their children and also comments on eco-friendly products.
  • Formerly known as Babybites, Mommybites provides parents with access to a community of green-minded people by offering tele-classes, webinars, radio shows, videos and a blog.
  • While many people assume that most consumer products are safe to use, the bloggers over at Non-Toxic Kids know better. They have created a resource dedicated to researching products, reporting news, and circulating information that will help both your child and the environment.
  • Deanna is an urban homesteader and author living in Seattle. Her blog, The Crunchy Chicken, is aimed at helping those trying to lower their impact on the environment while also eliminating toxins from their lives, and she recently published a book called The Non-Toxic Avenger: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.
  • Jennifer, a mom from the Pacific Northwest, is sick of the amount of greenwashing on the Internet. Without an honest resource to lay out the pros and cons of green products, she decided to create a blog of her own, called Growing a Green Family.
  • Suzanne is a mother of six, but that doesn’t stop her from finding time to blog. Her blog, Crunchy Green Mom, is full of fun projects she does at home with her kids, green product reviews and more.
  • Dawn is an environmentally conscious mom, who blogs about her family’s experiences as they make efforts to reduce their impact on the environment. Her blog, Small Footprint Family, contains information and tips related to living the green life with her family.
  • Eco18 is the collaborative effort of individuals from diverse backgrounds to create a green community, providing their readers with both information and opinion covering all things sustainable.
  • The Mom Bloggers Club is a social network of over 16,000 moms who are constantly posting their latest parenting tips. With so many mothers in one place, you can read up on what other moms are doing and even share tips and stories of your own.
  • Mothers in Medicine is a collaborative blog by physician-mothers who share their interesting stories on parenting from a doctor’s point of view. Their medical background has helped them answer some tough questions that are related to the health of their children.

Let us know if you write for or subscribe to a different Green Parenting Blog, and we’ll add it to our list!

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