2014 Holiday shopping guide!


The Green Life is excited to bring you this year’s holiday shopping guide.

It’s wonderful to have volunteers who are so well versed in sustainability that they have helped to add to our research for the useful and reliable products we are recommending this year. We hope this you will be inspired to share your knowledge of both products and ways to consume and give responsibly.

Shopping responsibly and sharing sustainable sites and products are definitely a way that we can all make a contribution to our fragile environment. So thanks to Kaarin Shipitko of creatingacuratedlife.com for sharing her research all the way from Omsk, Russia.

And if you’ve got an idea for a holiday shopping tip – share it with us on Facebook!

Just a reminder before we get to the goodies: A gift of your time to help someone, a donation to your favorite community organization, or a gift for someone in need is always the best, most ecological gift you can give. But we know that some people, events and moments deserve a good gift. And so we we hope your holiday season is filled with the enjoyment of friends and family and should you feel the need to come up with a gift, here are some ideas.

Happy holidays to you all.

Food gifts

Food GiftsOrganic Cheese

Murray’s Cheese of New York City is an editor’s favorite, and has organic cheeses including some from Vermont Butter and Cheese.

Rumiano Family Organic Cheeses are certified by Global Culture and USDA Organic, made using pasteurized, organic Grade A milk. Our organic products are the world’s first cheeses Verified Non-GMO through the Non-GMO Project, and currently the only cheeses to receive that certification.

Mercola offers 100% Organic and Raw Milk Cheese from Grass-Fed Cows

Organic Meats

Organic Prairie is a division of Organic Valley Coop. They do not currently ship their cheese to individuals but you can get them in many stores. Organic Prairie distributes organic meat and takes pride in going above and beyond the USDA Organic standards. They provide a wide variety of meats and also supply a definition of Organic vs Natural in meet products.

Local food products

A variety of foods are available through the Seedling Project. Youc an check out their merchant’s guide for what is available in your area. They have both edibles and other products.

The Jelly Queens – The jellies and jams are not guaranteed organic but the producers do touts sustainable principals. Shipping in December until the 21st .


Fat Brain Toys has safe toys that aid in learning. They are still a small, family owned and operated business that takes great pride in their ability to offer exceptional service.

Zulily advertises a range of safe toys for all ages.

For more general information on toy shopping, and what not to buy:

Kids Health has toy buying recommendations and guidelines.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission has a toy Safety has a website that provides information on applicable regulations.

And if you want to know what NOT to buy, the best place to check on toy safety is US PIRG’s annual survey of toy safety, Trouble in Toyland


Reformation – clothing from dead stock or vintage fabric made in California eco facilities. Very fashionable and interesting women’s clothes.

People Tree– Sustainable and Fair Trade clothing is offered for men and women. The production includes seed to finished product sustainable cotton from the developing world that supports garment workers and artisans, paying them a living wage. Their clothing is all organic, biodegradable fabrics, and uses non-toxic dyes. They ship by sea so prices are more reasonable. It’s your best bet for getting a basic tee or sweater and guys shirts – with discerning eco-standards.

Frugi– Organic cotton clothes for babies and toddlers offers cute, bright clothing, animal patterns and similar kid-friendly, planet-friendly attire.

Little Green Radicals– Organic cotton and fair trade clothes for babies and young children.

Household Products

The Honest co. – house cleaning, bath, and baby products all cruelty free, toxin free, plant based, low impact, mostly but not exclusively organic. You can send a house gift package or a new baby package as gifts.

7th Generation – is a nationally-distributed line of green cleaning and household products – from clearners and detergents to paper towels and toilet paper.

Personal Products

Korres Cosmetics – takes into consideration their impact on the farmers they get their ingredients from not just if they are natural or organic, lots of info on their ethics on the site.

Suki Skin Care – cosmetic company that is committed to natural, nontoxic products and produces everything out of Massachusetts. They partner with other low-impact companies that participate in forest stewardship, wind power and use plant based inks in all printing for their packaging and shipping. Though not organic, they’ve taken time to test their products to be safe for everyone including pregnant women and babies.

Etherealle – Natural, vegan, cruelty free cosmetics. They sell through etsy.com an online portal for people who make their own products and want to sell them to others. Great place to check for other options too!

Sylva Pagana – natural, mostly organic perfumes, men’s cosmetics, body balms and more.

Nourish Skin Range – has a large line of everything your skin needs. Vegan, cruelty free.

Vapour Organic Beauty –  biodegradable, USDA approved organic, packaging is recyclable, and non GMO, and cruelty free.


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